Meet Tasneem Bhaiji

Owner and Trainer of Be Strong Fitness.



“I believe in the saying ‘Hard Work Shows Off!’
You have to want something badly enough that you will make it happen no matter what.
‘Hard Work Shows Off’, nobody is just lucky.”
Do you want to be become stronger, faster, and more powerful? Dedicate yourself and put in the work, the hours, the sweat. I can guarantee you will be able to run faster, squat heavier, push harder, and jump higher once we’re done with you.
I like to lift heavy things, punch heavy bags, sprint to my destinations, and experience the outdoor life. The possibilities are endless, nothing holds me back, and nothing will hold you back.
“Be Strong. Be Resilient, Be Unstoppable. Achieve the Impossible.”


Certified AFLCA Trainer (Resistance Training, Athletic Training, Portable Equipment)
Power and Performance Certification (Olympic lifting and Acceleration Course)
Muay Thai and Kick Boxing
NSCA, Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification

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