Fitness is an ever growing cycle of this and that. “Try this, don’t do that”. “Give this a shot, don’t go there”. It is evolving, and every single day we have a new trend to try. Like that one time that barefoot running became the new thing. Where people even took it to the next level and ACTUALLY ran barefoot. The gravel, the snow, the pain. The good ol’ days. And now what? We are all back to running in our basic, perhaps a little custom made, running shoe/cross trainer.

Ah, the basics.

In reality that is all we need. We need to stick to the simplest most basic form of fitness. Your body is made of fat, muscle, tissue, tendons, and organs. A simple system that works. Nothing complicated, so why do we feel the need to complicate the way we make our body work?

Do the simple things, lift simple, run simple, jump simple, and ride simple. Once we complicate it, we injure ourselves. Balance your workouts, make every rep count, and replenish your nutrients. Simple. Become strong, and live your life. Don’t make fitness an unnecessary stressor, don’t over complicate it with new equipment, new tools, new hypes. Yes, keep educating  yourself and keep learning but don’t make it a chore. The moment, it becomes something that you HAVE to do, instead of something YOU want to do, you have over-complicated it.

Stick with the basics, set your goals, and destroy them.

It is the simplest thing.