Attaining a certain level of fitness comes with a price. In a world where do, do, do and go, go, go is part of the norm. Rest and taking that much deserved five is considered unnecessary. As days go by we become resistant and almost unaware to the slight throbbing, fatigue, and complete utter exhaustion that our physical body and mind are experiencing. We pass it on as positive feedback as a result of how hard we are working.

We are convinced that “a moment to breathe” is considered an act to steer away from your goals. Where “a day to do nothing” is considered as being lazy. Where “choosing to sleep over going for that run” is seen as a lack of commitment.

We mentally convince ourselves that “rest is for the weak” and by no means will get you closer to your goal.

All these beliefs are just mere myths that we have internalized and made part of our mental make up.  We need to alter this way thinking in order to get more fulfillment out of our goals.  To reach any goal be it fitness or lifestyle, one must consider rest and taking a day off as an essential aspect of any routine. We are not robots, we are not refined like a well oiled machine. We are human beings that rely heavily on sleep and moments of rest. Our bodies need it, our muscles need it, and most importantly our brains need it. If we are mentally exhausted, every morsel of time we put into achieving a goal will be a waste of time.

Part of being strong, being motivated and being active is to give your body a break, to take that rest. And to know that by taking a break does not equal giving up! It is seen as doing right by your body and training smart.

Go ahead, take that much deserved five.