" Strength does not come from running. Our struggles develop our strength. When we go through hardships and decide to surrender, that is strength. "Mahatma Gandhi

Get More Energy from Avocados

    Want more power in your training? Give avocadoes a chance. This spectacular super food will give you that extra energy you need to get through your day, control your blood sugar, and keep you fuller and stronger.

Exercise of the week – Burpee

    We believe in the Burpee. Yes, they are brutal and probably the most hated exercise out there, but they truly are beneficial. Your abdominals, your shoulders, your arms, and your quads will thank you! And when they get easy on you, you can change it up with some weights, or challenge yourself further…

Nothing is Impossible

    Its’ not about getting skinny. It’s about changing your life, becoming fit, healthy, and confident. It’s about setting goals and overcoming challenges. To Be Strong is to believe that nothing is impossible.


    When we train, we train for life. We train so that we can do the things that we desire. We train so we can take on whatever is thrown at us. We train so we are not afraid of the unknown. Share the reasons why you train.