Om Nom Nom

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Confusing and down right frustrating.  Everyone has their one demon, their weakness that tempts them. Don’t be shy, we all have experienced it, and still do. It is a struggle, a downright fight to stay on track. No one is to blame, food is delicious, scrumptious and the constant variety that is available at our fingertips, how the hell can we not resist? It’s every where, on T.V, on Billboards, on buses, public bathrooms, the internet popping up in front of our eyes. We are human, and food is essential to our existence, our survival. You don’t need me to tell you that, it is inherent in us and we subconsciously seek out food to subside our hunger. That’s being human, and that is okay.

All you have to remember is:



Simple right?

Well no, especially if you link food with dieting. Don’t think of it as a means to an end, a chore. Eating should be fun, enjoyable, and experimental. It should feel good. Don’t limit yourself, don’t deny yourself. Eat until you’re full, and the cleaner you eat the more you can eat, and which makes everyone happy. Because we all LOVE TO EAT.

We know it’s not that simple, we know they are other factors that come into effect, and we know that everyone has a different story. All we ask is to take small steps. Replace that bag of chips with handful of almonds, take the mayo out and switch it  with an avocado, pick water over juice/cola. Simple, small changes.

Even one change per month, is substantial compared to giving up entirely on your journey.

It’s just the beginning. Believe in it. Enjoy it.

“Don’t Quit, It’s Only January”