Mom’s of Be Strong


“As a mother, I want to be the best role model that I can for my children. This includes kindness for others, generosity, dedication and health.

I also want my kids to see that working out, being active and staying fit is about health not body image. It is about taking care of yourself and your body and about being strong.

I want them to keep their health and well being a focus and priority during their lives. Keep their muscles strong and know that they can push through obstacles.

As a mother who works full time it is hard to stay active, hard to take the precious little time that I have with my kids and go to the gym at night or escape to a yoga class. What I can do though and what I have been doing for the past nine months is to have Tas come to my house and train me on a regular basis even when I have no child care.

I get a great workout, get to improve my health and my strength and my kids get to see that every week for one hour, I dedicate myself to exercise. Not to mention my kids look forward to Monday when they get to show off for Tas. They may not understand what weight I am lifting or how much I have improved over the course of the last nine months, but I hope that one day they will simply just know that mom is strong!”