Mom’s of Be Strong 2


This is Daina’s story of Strength and what it means to her:


“There is a saying that the only constant is change. I disagree:  the only constant is movement. (Pure physics please don’t pipe in). For me it is movement that drives change.  Seasons are propelled by the movement of the earth. People change by gravitating to another person, place or idea.  Change only is perceptible by the movement of time…  What then is movement? For me it is one word: ENERGY 


Energy connects us all to each other and to our earth. It is not just the tangible movement of our bodies but the fire in our bellies and the passion of our hearts. It defines how we see the world. So why do I love to work out with Be Strong?  One reason is because I burn any negative energy from the day to day stress’s, and I receive so much positive energy in return.  It’s also bust a gut fun.


I’ve been dedicated to Tas’ workouts since early pregnancy. We would have worked out all the way through to delivery if I had not stupidly broken my foot on a single stair.  I felt great and slept well (critical) through pregnancy because I kept moving. Tas always modified our sessions for my growing belly. I felt safe and a lot of support.  As soon as my foot healed we started back up but then had to take rehab of a post c-section and broken foot into consideration!  With the emphasis on the right exercises I was proud to be pre- pregnancy weight and training pain free 7 months later. 12 months later I am running farther and faster than I’ve ever run and loving it.  I am physically and emotionally the strongest and the most confident I’ve been in my life.  I’m proud to say I’m 40.


Having our family later in life, it is so important to me to stay very active and therefore as healthy as I can to keep HIM chasing ME for a long as possible.  I also want to show my son that, despite living in a world sometimes too focused on immediate gratification, that dedicating yourself over a lifetime to working hard is so gratifying and rewarding.  I want to show him that living an active lifestyle is fun!  He is watching and learning from behavior every second and I include him in as many fun workouts as possible. He already thinks the Bosu is the best toy! 


I’m rambling… In short I exercise because I need that energy to move and change into the best me possible. I stay strong physically and emotionally to support my family and continue to be a weekend warrior as long as possible.  Most importantly I teach my child by setting an example to take pride in pushing past the defeat in “I can’t” and believe that if he wants to badly enough he truly can do anything!


Love you Tas and thank you for being there every step!”