Lateral Jumps


We are predictable beings. Most likely never to venture out from our basic forward movement or backward movement. Always working hard on getting our posterior firm and sculpted, and our anterior nice and defined. We are beings of habit and repeated movements, especially when it feels right and comfortable.

Well, we don’t agree and we want to challenge you! Venture on to the wild side, take a leap of faith and give lateral jumps a try. They may look intimidating and even unmanageable, but just like every other pylometric movement in the books, these bad boys are quite fun, jumpy and beneficial. Not only are they great for strength and endurance, they are also quite effective for your metabolic system.


Done a jump squat before? Then these will be easy no problem. All you need is a bunch of cones, or a step, or even use a couple rocks just laying in your garden. Arrange them in a line with an equal amount of distance between them. The farther apart and spaced out they are the harder it is. You can arrange as many you like, but remember what you do to one side you must do to the other.

Once you’re all set to go, crank up the music gear the up your energy and get going. Give your Lateral Side a Chance!