Go Coconuts


Don’t you just love the taste of sugar and food colouring after your workout? Bright blueberry blue, zesty green lime, or ruby red strawberry? A little bit of sugar, some food colouring, and hints of good for you nutrients. We can hear your stomach grumbling all the way here…

…If you haven’t picked up on our sarcastic tone, lets make it clear: We Are Being Sarcastic. The content of any post workout recovery sport drink has never appealed to us. Just to pronounce the ingredients is overwhelming, and not the mention that 95% of content is sugar. Why go processed, when you can be healthy and fresh?

Let us introduce you to something that you are very much likely to go Coconuts for: Coconut Water.

Some may think, “oh here is another fad, something that will spike up in popularity and slowly fade into the unknown.” Well, it’s not a fad. In fact, it is the easiest, healthiest, and most beneficial ready to go post workout drink out there. A study conducted by the Journal of International Society of Sports and Nutrition found that compared to a sport drink, coconut water is as equally or even more beneficial as a post workout hydrating tool.

Why would we recommend this over other post workout drinks? In the most simplest of words, coconut water will not lower your blood sugar, has no added processed sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, it is very high in potassium, and will help replenish your electrolytes.  Not to mention it tastes delicious. If you are worried about caloric intake, 1 cup is approximately 45 calories. What about protein you ask? Add a scoop of protein powder to it. It won’t ruin the taste, and you will get the protein fix that you need.

Its fast, easy, delicious, and most importantly IT WORKS.

Go Coco, for Coconut Water!