“Don’t Quit, It’s Only January”

For the New Year, we have decided to do something different. Every month will be a theme month, and each week within that month we will educate, enlighten, inspire, and hopefully humour you to become a Stronger You.

We have declared January as “Don’t Quit, It’s only January” Month.

It is a huge commitment to set a goal. It is admirable that you had the guts and the drive to set goals for 2014. It is inspiring to see that you are human, and a week in probably had a mishap. Don’t think of it as a set back, but a necessity. If you don’t make the mistakes, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, then there was absolutely no point in setting the goal. The journey matters more than the end point. Its the process that counts. So “Don’t Quit, It’s Only January”, we are here with you, we understand, and we are probably in the same boat as you: Struggling with our inner demons, and fighting with external forces.

You have started something, make sure you see it through. January will be the toughest. Heck tomorrow will be probably hard. Keep going, it’s only the beginning.

We promise you will not regret any ounce of it.