Brenda’s Story

  Brenda is proof that age is just a number and that it is never too late to start. She is mighty, feisty and the full of personality. This is her story, this is her why:   “Becoming fitter and strong is very important to me. As I age I know I need to stay limber…

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Mom’s of Be Strong 2

  This is Daina’s story of Strength and what it means to her:   “There is a saying that the only constant is change. I disagree:  the only constant is movement. (Pure physics please don’t pipe in). For me it is movement that drives change.  Seasons are propelled by the movement of the earth. People…

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Mom’s of Be Strong

  “As a mother, I want to be the best role model that I can for my children. This includes kindness for others, generosity, dedication and health. I also want my kids to see that working out, being active and staying fit is about health not body image. It is about taking care of yourself…

" So you had a bad day. Don't beat yourself over it, but don't let one decision let you spiral out of control. Get back into it. Get back to the core of it all. It's your decision. It's your life. Take control, don't let one obstacle destroy all the hard work. Don't let an incident slip you back. Be Your Own Strength. Be Your Own Motivator, and become who you were meant to be. STRONG. "


Just Be

  Be Positive. Have an open mind, a free soul, and an adventurous heart. Create an environment for yourself that encourages you, Your goals,Your wishes, Your ambitions. Be Positive, Because you have absolutely nothing to lose.



Attaining a certain level of fitness comes with a price. In a world where do, do, do and go, go, go is part of the norm. Rest and taking that much deserved five is considered unnecessary. As days go by we become resistant and almost unaware to the slight throbbing, fatigue, and complete utter exhaustion…


Be Afraid

  “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Fear, it defines us, it limits us, it makes us second guess every decision we ever make, and it makes us stronger.  We are all afraid. Because we are afraid, we set goals to achieve greatness, to do the impossible, and to believe that everything is…