Cauliflower, Really?

I haven’t updated this page in awhile. I figured the most appropriate way to kick start was with a Fuel Strong Post. Behold, the Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Pretty much the most delicious and pretty darn good for you pizza crust I have ever had. Thanks to Champagne Shimmer, and their easy to follow directions it…



  We are celebrating an excellent start to the Fall Season, and there is no better way to celebrate than with easy, delicious, yet totally good for you, foods. It is Fall, the leaves are turning, the wind is just a little bit crisper, and Thanksgiving is around the corner,  so lets do all things…


Go Naked.

Au Naturel. We dare you. Try it, at least once. The best thing you can ever do. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of it, the smooth creamy-ness of it. Be adventurous, go crunchy or chunky. Test your skills, try to make a concoction. Pair it up, make an awesome combination. Or just and lick…

Om Nom Nom

Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Confusing and down right frustrating.  Everyone has their one demon, their weakness that tempts them. Don’t be shy, we all have experienced it, and still do. It is a struggle, a downright fight to stay on track. No one is to blame, food is delicious, scrumptious and the constant variety that…


Go Coconuts

  Don’t you just love the taste of sugar and food colouring after your workout? Bright blueberry blue, zesty green lime, or ruby red strawberry? A little bit of sugar, some food colouring, and hints of good for you nutrients. We can hear your stomach grumbling all the way here… …If you haven’t picked up…


Grab A Handful and Go!

Ever wanted guns of steel? Or ‘something’ that shows off all the hard work you have been putting in everyday? We can’t promise you guns of steel, but we can assure that with 21 grams of protein per a 100 grams, almonds will  provide you with that ‘something’ to show off. We aren’t going bore…


Get More Energy from Avocados

    Want more power in your training? Give avocadoes a chance. This spectacular super food will give you that extra energy you need to get through your day, control your blood sugar, and keep you fuller and stronger.


Need Some Sweetness?

    Need some sweetness in your daily routine? Add some scrumptious pieces of strawberries to your breakfast, snack, shake, or just grab a couple to go. Nothing feels as amazing like some good anti-oxidants and all natural sugar to make your day ten times better.