We Are Strong

We are Women’s Only Fitness Company, and we know being a strong woman is already a tough job. We want to empower women with fitness. To allow women to be in an environment, a comfortable space, where they can explore their individual strengths without any judgement or criticism. A place where women can come together…

" So you had a bad day. Don't beat yourself over it, but don't let one decision let you spiral out of control. Get back into it. Get back to the core of it all. It's your decision. It's your life. Take control, don't let one obstacle destroy all the hard work. Don't let an incident slip you back. Be Your Own Strength. Be Your Own Motivator, and become who you were meant to be. STRONG. "


Just Be

  Be Positive. Have an open mind, a free soul, and an adventurous heart. Create an environment for yourself that encourages you, Your goals,Your wishes, Your ambitions. Be Positive, Because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Om Nom Nom

Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Confusing and down right frustrating. ¬†Everyone has their one demon, their weakness that tempts them. Don’t be shy, we all have experienced it, and still do. It is a struggle, a downright fight to stay on track. No one is to blame, food is delicious, scrumptious and the constant variety that…


“Don’t Quit, It’s Only January”

For the New Year, we have decided to do something different. Every month will be a theme month, and each week within that month we will educate, enlighten, inspire, and hopefully humour you to become a Stronger You. We have declared January as “Don’t Quit, It’s only January” Month. It is a huge commitment to…