Be An Inspiration.

There is nothing to it, just your sheer dedication to everything that you do. You can inspire, just by being you. Do the things that make you happy, that you look forward to every morning. Inspire, just by talking about it, because there is passion in the words that you speak, and it illuminates with every breath you take in conversation.

You don’t have to have power or a stance in life that gives you that chance to inspire. Your story alone will evoke inspiration with the people you mingle with, with the people you share with. Because you will only share to those who will understand, appreciate and be grateful for the inspiration.

Its not rocket science, its simple: make a choice, believe in it, dedicate your time to it, challenge yourself, accomplish it, and be inspirational. It could be ’10 full perfect push-ups’ or a ‘full muscle up’ or just ‘run a mile in 6 minutes’. It doesn’t have to break you, it has to make you. To change you. Your ability to finish any thing you set your mind to, is inspiration enough. There are only a handful of people out there who can say ‘I did that, I finish it”. Be part of that handful of people, be the number that counts, not the number that almost got there.

Strive for strength, for athleticism, and for goal setting. Believe that with each step that you take, and with each choice that you make you are getting stronger, your are building athleticism, and you are being an inspiration.

That’s the first step, accomplish your first goal and you will see the person you have become through the journey, you will notice the change in your body and your attitude, and most important of all you will be an inspiration to yourself.

And that is inspiring.